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The Web Chat you were missing

We looked for a flexible chat widget that would provide the best conversational experience but in vain. So we built our own and poured into it the most powerful conversational features available out there. If you were looking for the ultimate Web Chat, search no more.

Designed for USERS

The Web Chat offers the very same experience as your users’ favorite messaging apps. No learning curve, no reluctance, they will love it.

All the features that you need

We gathered all the best conversational elements from the major messaging apps so that you wouldn’t miss anything.

Cards display a product, an event, a job offer with a picture, description, link as well as one or more buttons.

Carousels the best way to present your users a gallery of several riched cards.

Geolocation perfect to offer local deals or give directions

Welcome Message a catchy message will help bringing visitors to start chatting with you.

Gifs & Videos so that you can animate the conversation.

White label use the Web Chat, no Broid mention and you can even add “powered by your company” :)

Quick Replies guide your users through your conversation flow.

Emojis always useful.


We are a tech company empowering tech companies.
Everything we build uses Open Standards and is designed to make sure you write as little code as possible.

Powered by your product

You’re building bots, automation workflows, customer support tech... whatever the use case is, you can leave the interface part to our Web Chat and focus on your product added-value.

Facebook Messenger like replicate the most popular messaging app experience on websites even if users don’t have a Facebook account.

Sales & Marketing Automation power Broid Web Chat with your automation platform to transform website visitors into leads, Conversations are much better than forms!

Customer support allow your users to connect with you on your website and answer them from your in-house interface or Slack.

Contextual conversations set specific welcome messages depending on the page the user is visiting to improve conversation triggering.

We do not compromise with

Quality. All our Libraries and SDKs go through extensive speed and deliverability testing. Our versioned, non-breaking API changes let you upgrade on your schedule. #NoSurprise.

Security. Every single message is encrypted and our whole platform is hosted on Google Cloud that has the best in class security.

Reliability. Apart from 24x7 monitoring, we built failover systems and redundancies at the heart of our back-end. Messages will keep flowing no matter what.


We don’t settle, we improve.
New integrations and new features are added every months. Building on Broid means you’ll get early access to the latest technologies.

Democratizing messaging.
That’s what Broid is all about and why we have a really fair pricing. We’re building the future of API communication, not charging you for every message you send.

Growing the Community.
We’re passionate about messaging and artificial intelligence, so we're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have, join us on Slack!